Welcome to Battlegrounds MX!


Enjoy two national caliber tracks to choose from. Battlegrounds MX features two tracks that are perfect for any rider!

2014 BattleGrounds MX Membership and Policies:
Open Most Sundays 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Check out the BGMX web pg Calendar Weekly for Updates

Punch Card Membership Fee Policy:

Cost of Punch Card is $100 per person

Punch Card Members will have 6 punches available per card-per person
Punch Cards will be punched at check in
Punch Card Members cannot use an extra punch for a friend (see Guest Policy)

Guest Policy:
Guests of a Punch Card Member will need to Check In, Sign a Waiver or Release Form, Copy of ID made and Pay $20 for the day. You can only be a Guest One Time and then you must become a Punch Card Member if you choose to Ride BattleGrounds MX. If you become a Punch Card Member the day you are a guest the $20 will go toward the Induction Fee.

New Riders Policy:
New Riders will need to Check In, Sign a Waiver, Copy of ID made and Pay $30 for the day. The New Riders will receive a wrist band that is to be worn for the day. New Riders will only have access one time and one time only to see if they would like to join the BattleGrounds MX Family.

Over Night Camping Policy:
Dry Camping Only. No Hook ups, Waste or water. ($10 per night)

Spectator Policy:
There is N/C for Spectators. (Everyone that arrives on the property must Sign a Waiver)

Trash Policy:
Everyone is responsible for their own Trash. You can dispose of your Trash on your way out over at the Pro Shop Dumpster.

Pet Policy:
Pets must be on a leash at all times.

Rain Out Days or Weekends Policy:
No Refunds – Call, Email or Message Us before you Haul. We cannot control acts of God. BGMX Hotline (832.819.2469)

Event Policy:
BattleGrounds MX will be closed periodically for Track Changes and Promotional Events off site. There will be events on the property from time to time in the 2015 calendar yr. Only one of the tracks will be hosting the event so the other track will be for the members to ride. BattleGrounds MX management participates in off site events that help Promote BattleGrounds MX and Motocross. Those Dates will be posted on the web pg calendar and on FB. Please understand those Dates BattleGrounds MX will be closed.

BattleGrounds MX Management can Update and or Change Fees, Memberships and Policies at any time. BattleGrounds MX Members, Guest and New Riders can be asked to leave at any time by BattleGrounds MX Management.


BattleGrounds MX Google Map Location:


Contact Us:  admin@battlegroundsmx.com

Face Book Like Pg: http://www.facebook.com/battlegroundsmx

Speak to Management: 832-819-BGMX (2469)

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